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Perfomed of the Aquaproof Integral System

The Aquaproof Integral System

Concrete is very porous. Since concrete mixes contain much more water than needed (in order to make them easily workable), almost half of the water is surplus and has to evaporate as concrete cures. While water escapes through the concrete to the surface, it leaves behind a network of minute capillaries and pores, much smaller than a human hair. As a result, concrete is more porous than Swiss cheese! Thus, sooner or later, most basements and foundations, as well as below-grade walls develop water leaks, as water starts to leak through the capillaries. And with age, the leaks become more and more frequent. All buildings settle and stress cracks develop in the walls and movement joints crack. Exterior waterproofing coating deteriorates and the drainage system may silt up. Hydrostatic pressure then pushes water through any cracks or right through the concrete.

Our firm developed an advance technology of waterproofing, the Aquaproof Integral System. The technology includes a line of Aquaproof waterproofing materials and know how of their selection and applications. Our staff will analyze your specific needs and select appropriate materials and methods of their application.

Principle of action of Aquaproof materials differs from the classical technology, involving applying a membrane or coating on the surface to be protected. Aquaproof materials diffuse through cracks and natural capillaries of the concrete and chemically interact with the concrete matrix permanently sealing pores, capillaries, and cracks. One can say, our Aquaproof Integral System seals each pore within the concrete with individual waterproofing membrane. Thus, a layer of the concrete 5-250 mm thick becomes an impermeable to water membrane as a whole. Moreover, during many years of use, the Aquaproof material reacts with incoming water to seal new cracks that inevitably develop in concrete. Our Aquaproof Integral System makes your construction like the human skin that heals and repairs itself. Moreover, like human skin, your construction will be vapor- and gas- permeable! Then, even if water already entered the concrete, it will vapor until the concrete will be completely dry.

Our Aquaproof Integral System will give you a lot additional benefits!

•Since the Aquaproof material becomes a part of the concrete matrix, it will not crack, peel, tear or wear-away.

•The conventional membrane depends on adhesion to the surface for waterproofing. Therefore, it is reliable if applied on the positive side only, else hydrostatic pressure would detach it from the surface. On the contrary, the Aquaproof Integral System is able to resist hydrostatic pressure from either side (positive or negative) up to 2MPa.

•Every break up of the conventional membrane drastically reduces its waterproofing capabilities, since water begins to seeps between the surface and the membrane. To repair the broken membrane, it must be removed completely, and a new membrane must be installed. On the contrary, even if a surface treated with the Aquaproof Integral System was drilled or breached during some rebuilding, the waterproofing can be easily restored, since it needs to be repaired in place of the breath only.

• By preventing the intrusion of water, salt water, sewage, and most chemicals to the concrete, the Aquaproof Integral System protects the reinforcing steel against oxidation and deterioration.

•preventing the intrusion of water into concrete, the Aquaproof Integral System helps to protect the concrete from damaging effects of repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

•Since the Aquaproof Integral System may be installed on wet surfaces, we do not need a dry surface to begin to work. We do not wait until the surface will be dry and dry weather to come!

The Aquaproof integral system can be combined with waterproofing of other materials, such as marble and granite, as well as in anticorrosion and antifungal protection. Thus, to waterproof constructions built from different materials, we shall combine several technologies to achieve completely waterproofing of the whole construction.

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