Integral Waterproofing Russian ver.

Seepage in undeground parking...

Seepage through joints and wall leakages

Bad waterproofing leads to the basement flooding

Permanent seepage and moisture in the basement is a result of waterproofing neglected

Waterproofing failing leads to leakages and the basement flooding

After the AquaProof Integrate System was here performed the basement may be use

Permanent seepage at the basement...

Anticorrosion protection of metal surfaces

We offer our technology and expertise

• Protection of basements, floors, walls, and ceilings inside and outside of buildings from permanent and seasonal leakages, moulds, fungus, and delamination by imparting a water-repelling property to concrete, brick, and marble surfaces. The imparting not only protects the surfaces but does not disturb their vapor- as well as gas-permeability too.

• Therefore, external water is repelled from the imparted surface, but internal moisture evaporates.

• Application of our technology to the surfaces provides for 10-50 fold increase of their frost-resistance, 20-30 fold decrease of their water absorption capacity, increase of their water impermeability to 20 àòì, 4 – 6 fold increase of their durability, 4 – 6 fold increase of their endurance, sharp increase of their resistance to different liquid and gaseous corrosive substances.

Our materials never flake or peel off

• Internal waterproofing of movement and expansion joints in basements and underground parkings.

• Stoppage of water seepage, waterproofing of joints, cracks, cavities, and pipe couplings

We secure absolute water impermeability even under constant water pressure.

Water impermeability will be not less then 2 MPa

Footing protection

• We guarantee reliable protection of footing from water seepage applying AquaProof Integral system. Our novel technology differs dramatically from classical membrane waterproofing. To carry out classical waterproofing, you would have to provide storage space for rolls and gas-cylinders, the work is quite long and dirty. We accomplish the waterproofing as much as 5-10 fold faster, cleaner and for a half or a quarter of the cost

* * *

• We treat marble, concrete, and tiled floors, walls, ceilings, pillars, joints between tiles, blocks, bricks, and granite blocks to increase their resistance and decrease permeability to water, acids, bases, oil, moulds, and microorganisms. The treating destroys existing wall saltpeter, as well as moulds and fungus. Protected surfaces endure water, freeze, acid rains.

Guarantee for 30 years

• Treatment of ïîäúåçäíûõ ïóòåé, highways, concrete drains, fences, and asphalt (bitumen) road surfaces to strengthen their surface, impart them with hydrophobic properties and endurance to freeze, and to increase their resistance to water and majority of chemically-active reagents, such as acids, bases, and salts.

• We accomplish internal Integral Crystalline Waterproofing of basements, baths, and pools.

Diaphragm wall

We have larger experiences of diaphragm walls (negative side) waterproofing, by applying of the AquaProof Integral System.

Anticorrosion protection

We accomplish longtime (up to 25 years) anticorrosion protection of any metal constructions, such as bridges, railway carriages, ships, tanks, and so on. Anticorrosion coating forms a smooth mat or shining film, very strongly attached to the metal surface and keeping its properties in different climatic conditions, in sea water, in mineral oils, in aggressive ñðåäàõ under temperatures from -50 C to +850 C. Even if metal surface is already slightly rusty, preliminary treatment is not needed, since quality of anticorrosion protection is secured by our materials.

* * *

Our materials protect old concrete bricks, pillars, walls, floors, and stairs, which already deteriorate, “conserving” they for many years. This effect is achieved due to modification of the protected surface, which improve its physical-chemical properties. Surface of the wall becomes the waterproofing. Depth of the protective layer is 6-250 mm depending on the material porosity.

Invite us, offer your “worst” site, and we shall help you!!

Our materials are pollutant-free and safe to be used on walls  contacting with potable water or foodstuffs. They  do not produce gases  if set ablaze.

Our firm will perform all the processes in large range of temperatures (from -30 to +30 Ñ) and humidity to 98%, Treated surfaces are ready for use  after 1- 24 hours

Our materials were certificated by leading Russian research institutions: Moscow State University; MGSU (The Moscow State University of Civil Engeenering); NIIZHB (Concrete and Reinforce Concrete Research and Technological Institute), et cetera

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