Integral Waterproofing Russian ver.

Breakage of waterproofing sealing leads to leaks in the basement

About our company

Research-and-production company Alvas-M LTD (Moscow) was founded at 1993 to apply novel technologies in areas of waterproofing and antifungal and anticorrosion protection of buildings.

From the first day, we based our work on constant consulting with our clients, that allowed us to help them operatively and efficiently, taking features of their projects into account.

Thus, our experts developed not only novel waterproofing materials but an integrated method of waterproofing as well as. The materials and method enable us to perform waterproofing in hard conditions of permanent water pressure.

Another strategic direction of our business is the anticorrosion protection of metal surfaces facing corrosive substances and high temperatures up +750 C.

At present time, our priority directions include development and application of technologies of waterproofing and protection of concrete, brick, granite and metal building structures.

Our company is staffed with conscientious and responsible employees with many years' experience in the building industry, many of whom work at our company from its first days

We guarantee

Dependable protection of ceilings, walls, floors, footings, basements from mould, fungus, and water leakages;

Anticorrosion protection of any metal surfaces;

Waterproofing of movement joints;

Waterproofing of Diaphragm wall;

Protection of pillars, footsteps, walls, and floors faced with marble, granite, and ceramic tiles from deterioration.

Licence of RF: 409895, Moscow.

AquaProof - Integral waterproofing
tel.: +7 916-684-24-84

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